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Got an eye problem?

My philosophy is that clean eyes make for a happy life. On the We Love Eyes website, I have sorted product listings to help with common eye problems. This makes the process of finding the right eye care cleansing products much easier.

As the founder of We Love Eyes, I invented my products from the perspective of an optometrist, but by no means should you use We Love Eyes products as a replacement for your eye care professional. Even though my products are healthy for your eyes, by no means should you use We Love Eyes to treat any eye disease. Go see your optometrist first. Got me?

If you are experiencing blurry vision, red eyes or eyelids, eye pain, eye discharge, eye pressure, headaches, double vision, a drooping eyelid, different pupil size, flashes of light, floaters, or sensitivity to light – these may be symptoms of serious vision threatening eye problems. You will need to seek help from your eye care professional immediately. 

Love + Healthy Eyes, 

Dr. Tanya Gill – Optometrist, Founder & CEO