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Got an Eye Problem?

Discover the perfect cleansing system for your eye problem.  These systems are awesome because they work. Created & refined over many years by Dr. Tanya Gill, OD with the help of clinical feedback from her patients. 

Lash Extensions Home Care

Rejoice! Enjoy beautiful retention with my 100% oil free cleansers and the right tools. Lashes are an investment. Protect them by cleansing the lash line every night with intention & precision.


Stye Cleansing System

Got an ugly stye again? Heat, roll, scrub, wash, and spray it away with our proven cleansing system. Learn how to prevent future flare ups with the right products and tools.


Eye Makeup Removal

Never sleep in your eye makeup again. Remove with healthy ingredients that are safe for the tear film and healthy for meibomian glands - all with the goal of limiting lass losh with our awesome brush.


Demodex Mites Cleansing

Clean where demodex mites love to hang out. Keep that eyelid margin clear and remove pesky collarette eyelash debris with the right tools and our double cleanse system which utilizes the power of Australian tea tree oil.