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Okay, So You Have Anterior Blepharitis: A Step by Step Tutorial for my Anterior Blepharitis System


The tell-tale sign is a whitish looking collection of debris at the base of the eyelash. Location is key. The debris will be located where the eyelashes emerge. Often, this whitish looking debris is accompanied with redness and swelling on the eyelid margin where the eyelashes are located.

Your eye care professional will be able to see this quite easily with a loupe or slit lamp magnifier. At home, you will likely have to use a 10X lighted magnifying mirror to view the debris.


1. Debris that forms a whitish line across the eyelid margin has likely been there for weeks.
2. Debris is located exactly at the base of the eyelash, suffocating the eyelash follicle.
3. This debris style is caused by the demodex mite and is very stubborn to remove.


Because the eyelid inflammation occurs exactly where the eyelashes emerge, lash loss is a significant concern. With inflammation, an eyelash follicle is simply unhappy and won’t make happy lashes. Unhappy lashes will not likely grow to their full potential, so think shorter and fewer lashes over time. If you happen to wear or install lash extensions, an unhappy eyelash follicle will significantly affect lash retention.


Anterior blepharitis is difficult to address mostly because by the time my patient complains about it – it’s been there for weeks. The debris becomes almost cemented onto the eyelid margin, anchoring in between each eyelash. Think of how a concrete engineer would anchor concrete with rebar. The debris is the cement and the eyelash is the rebar.

The debris can be made of any of these elements: bacteria, demodex mites, greasy epithelial cells, or makeup. In this scenario, the best next step is to ask your eye care professional to remove all that debris to get you to a baseline clean of zero – a perfect clean. This requires a loupe or slit lamp magnifier and the right tools and cleansers. We Love Eyes to the rescue!




STEP 1 with 2: You’ll need this forked brush and cleansing spray to properly remove the debris in between the eyelashes. Saturate the brush with the spray and gently stoke up and down along the eyelash margin until the debris is loosened and dislodged. Continue this at home with a 10x lighted, magnification mirror for precision.

GOAL: loosen & dislodge trapped, stubborn debris stuck in between eyelashes

STEP 3: Dispense 1-2 pump of foam onto clean fingertips. With eyes closed, wash eyelid margins. Because the foam is a soap, do not let it get inside the eyes (it will sting).

GOAL: wash away all dislodged debris; probiotic wash re-balances the eyelid margins


STEP 4: Use warm or room temperature. Roll up & down (from 12 to 6 o’clock) and/or side to side (3 to 9 o’clock) along eyelid margins. Timing will vary from 20 – 60 seconds per session. 

GOAL: increase blood flow circulation to the eyelash follicles & loosen debris

I’m confident that this anterior blepharitis system will get results for you. It’s been tested and refined by my patients over the past 2 years.. Like I always say, clean eyes = a happy life, xo.

Our philosophy is that clean eyes = a happy life. We Love Eyes products do not treat any eye disease. Although our founder is an Optometrist, We Love Eyes products do not replace your eye care professional. Always consult your eye care professional when using eye care products.

Love + Healthy Eyes,

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