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Our Latest Update. Eyelash Extensions Home Care: Bring Home the Lash Retention Success With the Cleanest Habits

A Step by Step Tutorial for Maximizing Your Lash Money.

Rejoice! Enjoy beautiful retention with my 100% oil free cleansers & the right tools, xo.

 At We Love Eyes, we are getting better and better with eye care for lash extensions as time goes by. We also learning - why are some lash bars so successful while others struggle? One common philosophy shared with top lash bars is an obsessive addiction to very strict home care. I repeat. Very strict home care. Here we will discuss what these top lash bars are doing and what their clients are doing when they get home. 

WHAT THE EYE CARE PROFESSIONAL SEES: In both examples below (apologies for the gross pictures!), the debris is accumulated at the base of the eyelash, and sometimes surrounds the eyelash. This creates an environment of inflammation that may contribute to a weakened eyelash follicle, poor lash retention, and mild to severe lash loss.


An accumulation whitish debris the base of the eyelid margin is the tell tale sign of anterior blepharitis. The debris is made up of bacteria, waxy epithelial cells, eye makeup, and other residue.

  • This is the most common finding from lack of home care after extensions are installed.
  • Identified with a loupe, slit lamp magnifier, or 10X lighted mirror – this form of blepharitis is difficult to remove because the debris is often cemented in between the lashes.
  • If your lash artist sees this at your re-fill appt, it’s time to get a deep cleaning and a full re-install to ensure proper health & success.


The eyelid debris is called a collarette which is primarily assocaited with demodex mites. The collar is choking the eyelash, creating inflammation and lash loss.

  • This is the most devastating finding from lack of home care. The collarettes are ‘choking’ the eyelash.
  • This can only be identified with a loupe, slit lamp magnifier, or noticed with a 10X lighted mirror.
  • Again, if you have collarettes, a deep cleaning and a full re-install would provide the best chance against lash loss.

For daily health & prevention, finish every day with DUO A, xo.



After extensions are installed, DUO A is what you need for home care. Use Tea Tree Water Eyelid & Eyelash Foaming Cleanser & Eyelid Margin Cleansing Brush daily to optimize eyelash follicle health and to prevent debris buildup which can lead to poor lash retention and lash loss. If you want to wear eyeliner or eye shadow, no problem. Choose water soluble varieties to ensure easy removal with this cleanser and brush duo.

This 100% oil free formula packed with beautiful botanicals will make you bat your lashes:

  • Tea Tree Water - naturally antiseptic and cleansing for the meibomian eyelid glands.
  • Rose Water - gently cooling for eyelids stressed with eye makeup.
  • Centella Asiatica Extract - anti-inflammatory and rich in vitamin C, A, B1 & B2, niacin, and carotene, which combine to brighten eyelid skin.
  • Willow Bark Extract - anti-inflammatory activity by inhibiting pro-inflammatory cytokines; ideal for red, inflamed eyelid skin.
  • Coconut Fruit Extract - rich in amino acids, minerals, proteins & vitamins which refresh and moisturize the eyelid skin.
  • Yucca Schidigera Root Extract - a natural soaping agent safe for the tear film & contact lens wearers.
  • Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate - a probiotic preservative system that balances the biome of the eyelid area.


 Tier Shaped Head & Chunky Handle

The tiered heart shape design allows for precise product placement and cleansing along the eyelid margin without disrupting freshly installed extensions. The wider and shorter handle allows for a firm hold in the hand for performing detailed cleansing action.


SUGGESTED USE: Your lash artist knows best. Ask them for exact directions as they can vary from mine depending on the extension type, adhesive used, humidity, and your past experience with extensions.

WHAT TO DO AT HOME: Place 1 pump onto the brush. Swipe along eyelid margin until clean. Rinse brush with water and swipe along eyelid margin again to remove all soapy debris. Repeat if necessary. The foaming cleanser is a soap, so you will want to avoid getting it into the eyes. For home care, use a 10X lighted magnifying mirror to offer precision. When done, wash the brush with the foam and towel dry.

WHO USES DUO A: If you have extensions installed, you should use DUO A at the end of each day to maintain eyelid health and to prevent eyelid debris buildup. Keep the eyelid margins completely clean to enhance length, retention, and prevent lash loss. If you also have eyelid debris . . . oh no! Keep reading.


If you have ANY eyelid debris, put DUO B on repeat every night, xo.

Revisiting this eyelid debris. Apologies, lol. If you have ANY of this eyelid debris – put DUO B on repeat every night. Whether its super mild or totally severe – use this every night. For severe cases, cleaning twice a day would be advisable, but ask your lash artist. They know best.



I can’t brag enough about this duo.  Calm Eyelid & Eyelash Cleansing Spray is 100% oil free, pH balanced for eye care, and completely no-sting. The ingredient that creates the cleansing magic is 0.012% hypochlorous. It’s a powerful, but extremely gentle ingredient that has anti-bacterial and anti-viral activity. When used with the In Between Eyelash Cleansing Brush, the user can access AND remove debris from the eyelid margin area without harming the lash extension. This is made possible by my awesome brush design – an angled head and the fork shaped bristles. Love it, xo.



SUGGESTED USE: Your lash artist will always know best. Ask them for specific instructions as they can vary depending on the extension type, adhesive used, humidity, and your past experiences with extensions.

WHAT TO DO AT HOME: Spray 1-2 pumps onto the brush. Stoke up and down along the eyelid margin to gently and effectively dislodge eyelid margin debris. Initially, you may need to repeat these steps a few times to get a perfect clean. For home care, use a 10X lighted magnifying mirror to guide you. When done, wash the brush with the cleansing spray and towel dry.

WHO USES DUO B: For anyone with ANY eyelid margin debris. DUO B should be used every night until the debris is gone. If the debris should come back, no worries – you just might have the body chemistry that needs to use this duo every night no matter what. Just use it every night, no excuses. Your lash retention and healthy eyelash follicles will thank you.


Strict home care is the secret to lash retention. You may just need daily maintenance-style cleansing with DUO A. Or perhaps you have eyelid debris and need DUO B. From what I’ve learned, having both DUO A & DUO B ready to go, in the power of your hand – saves lashes. Fall in love with my lash extensions system to optimize lash length, comfort, and long term eye health. I’m a firm believer that clean eyes = a happy life. Let’s do this.

Our philosophy is that clean eyes = a happy life. We Love Eyes products do not treat any eye disease. Although our founder is an Optometrist, We Love Eyes products do not replace your eye care professional. Always consult your eye care professional when using eye care products.


Love & Healthy Eyes,