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How To Clean Demodex Eyelash Mites Debris

This is how you clean Demodex mites eyelash debris. 


Here are the supplies that you will need: 

1) A 10x lighted magnifying mirror for this precision task;

2) 2 eyelash cleansing tools. One is shaped like a mini toothbrush. The other is shaped like a mini fork; 


3) The cleansing oil and the foaming cleanser. Each is diluted with tea tree oil. The dilution of the tea tree oil is made for eye care, meaning it has been safety tested at a third-party FDA approved lab in the United States. 




Place one drop of the cleansing oil on Eyelid Margin Scrub Brush. You're going to shake off any excess. You want this brush dry wet, not sopping wet. Grab the 10x lighted magnifying mirror and you want to start scrubbing. You're going to be using Eyelid Margin Scrub Brush to scrub in two very specific areas. 



The first area is that eyelid margin where the meibomian glands live, aka the waterline. Make sure to scrub all 4 eyelids, lower & upper. You want to do this because that's where the entrance to the meibomian glands are and where oil / sebum lives. Sebum is the food source for Demodex mites.  



The second area is going to be at the base of the eyelash. You're going to be physically scrubbing off Demodex collarettes. This is the debris that Demodex make. Collarettes are hard to see, but they are attached at the base of the eyelash, so make sure to scrub at that location.  

Imagine my hand. My fingers are the eyelashes. My palm is the eyelid margin, the waterline. You want to scrub at the location of the knuckles, the eyelash - eyelid margin junction. This is the spot. 



Next, you're gonna grab this fork shaped brush, the In Between Eyelash Cleansing Brush. Again, one drop of the cleansing oil onto this brush. I like to dry this off a little bit with a clean towel because I also want this brush dry / wet, not sopping wet. Grab your 10x lighted magnifying mirror and you're going to be stoking out from the base of the eyelash and pulling out Demodex collarette through the lash.  


Collarettes are difficult to remove, especially if they are cemented to the eyelash base. In more severe cases of Demodex mites infestation, the In Between Eyelash Brush with cleansing oil is absolutely needed in order to stoke and pull out the collarette. The action is to INSERT the brush at the base of the eyelash, STOKE it and PULL out the debris through the lash.  



Use Eyelid Margin Scrub Brush to actually loosen the collarettes. Then use In Between Eyelash Brush to physically stoke and pull out the collarette through the eyelash to make sure it's fully removed. The more severe and thick collarettes need to be pulled through the eyelash. Kinda like removing a tight turtleneck sweater.  




Now with all the cleansing action at the eyelid margin and the eyelash base . . . there's a ton of yuck that needs to be washed off. You want to make sure you complete the double cleanse. Put a little bit of foam on clean fingertips. You're going to rub this back and forth 1-2-3-4 times on the eyelids and eyelashes. Rinse with water, towel dry, and you've completed the session.  



A good starting point is to do this entire system one time before bed for an entire week and then customize depending on what your needs are. This will definitely change depending if you started out more severe versus more mild. Your optometrist can also offer some guidance. 


Love + Healthy Eyes,
Dr. Tanya Gill, OD