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Dry eyes, I kinda hate ya! My personal journey.

I have suffered from dry eyes for over 10 years. Maybe 15. I have tried everything: warm compresses, all the artificial tears, visine, supplements, sleeping goggles, Restasis eye drops, Azasite gel, Manuka honey, Doxycycline tablets, Refresh PM ointment, Cliradex, finger massage, eyelid extractions, not wearing makeup, avoiding air conditioned spaces, avoiding heated spaces, drinking water, avoiding caffeine, avoiding antihistamines . . . Everything. 

The real test came last week when my husband and I went to Las Vegas. Most people get excited when they plan a trip to Las Vegas. I absolutely dread it. I'm not recovering from gambling, I'm just a severe dry eye patient! Las Vegas is a really dry place. It's in the desert and the hotels and casinos are severely air conditioned. My eyes are bloodshot and I'm using tears every 3 minutes. Ugh! 

Since I've been using my cleansing regimen, I can say that my products do work. For the first time in years, my eyes were not bloodshot in Las Vegas and I was even able to wear makeup comfortably. It was awesome! I used artificial tears about 4 times a day (instead of every 3 minutes) and my eyes felt comfortable. 

I made sure to really cleanse with the tea tree eye makeup remover oil and tea tree foaming cleanser combo. I used a q-tip with the oil to perform my version of "lid scrubs," and made sure the q-tip wiped clean (no more makeup residue). Wow! What a difference. 

I have definitely left Las Vegas with a different impression of how my eyes can feel. Currently we have about 1,000 patients using We Love Eyes products and their experiences have been uniquely positive. We are looking forward to hearing about yours.