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What women want. It’s not just jewelry & accessories. It’s longer lashes.

We have been testing We Love Eyes products at my private practice for over a year now. The response has been incredible. Less dry eye symptoms. Less blepharitis symptoms. Less demodex related symptoms. Less random symptoms overall. 

What I didn't expect is this: longer, fuller lashes. A few patients including myself and Dr Khela have noticed longer lashes. Wow. This is serious.  

The jury is still out as of why. I am sure that our tea tree products do not make lashes grow longer per se, but rather make the eyelash follicle healthier, thus promoting longer and healthier lash growth. I am paying close attention and may have this study done at an FDA approved lab to see if it's clinically significant in the near future.

Nonetheless, I'll take it. As a woman, I feel my eyes are bigger and brighter when my lashes are longer. As an optometrist, I pretty much feel the same way, lol. 

So a possible nice bonus to cleansing your eyes with We Love Eyes products. Who doesn't love a longer eyelash afterall? 

Love and longer lashes,