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Sleeping with your makeup is no way to get real beauty rest, xo

Ever remove your makeup & go to bed, only to find your makeup on your pillow or on the face towel while washing your face in the morning?  

This happens quite a bit. I ask patients how they remove their makeup and what their experience has been. The overwhelming response is that makeup is often not removed, or removed poorly. Even though patients know their makeup isn't really coming off completely, they continue doing what they are doing out of habit.

The majority of patients want to change the behavior but simply just don't know what to use. Is it harsh? Is it safe? What's even more impressive to me, is that most of my female patients, in addition to sleeping with their makeup on, they also experience daily discomfort in their contact lenses. It took me years to make the connection. 

Sleeping with makeup creates inflammation in the eyelids. Inflammation in the eyelids creates inflammation in the eyes. Inflammation in the eyes causes dry eyes, red eyes and discomfort. And the end game - contact lenses now feel less comfortable. 

Removing makeup is key to contact lens comfort. In addition, how you remove your makeup is vital. Many cleansers contain alcohol or sulfates that are irritating to the eyelids, and can cause inflammation once again.  

My recommendation is to read the labels of your cleansers. Pick one with ingredients that rate non-toxic on and that don't contain alcohol or sulfates. Your eyes will thank you.

Love and beauty rest,