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Our stuff is so awesome. It grows from trees.

We use 100% plant based ingredients in 100% of our products. Why? Because it's better for you.

Ingredients in traditional cleansers contain ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), parabens, formaldehyde, phthalates,  alcohol, fragrance, petrochemicals and artificial colors. These ingredients can cause skin irritation, dryness and increase allergic reaction. Phthalates, which help cosmetics retain color and fragrances are bio-toxic. 

Cleansing the face is one thing, but cleansing the eyes is another. The skin of the eyelid area is very thin and tends to be difficult to keep hydrated. That is why the skin around the eyes, especially under the eyes, tends to form fine lines and wrinkles over time. Using a cleanser with ingredients like SLS and alcohol can actually contribute to more fine lines and wrinkles! Yikes. 

Plant based ingredients are more gentle on the skin and are not toxic to the body or environment. So we have substituted lab synthesized ingredients for plant based ones: coconut, jojoba, grapes, tea tree, honeysuckle, radish and aspen tree.

We are proud to offer We Love Eyes as an option to your nightly cleansing regimen. It's healthy, doctor approved, and definitely grows from trees. 

Tree hugger,