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My top 4 reasons why this eyelid cleansing oil rocks!


You wake up in the morning with "crusties" in the corner of your eyes. Your eyes are telling you something. They are trying to flush out what shouldn't be there in the first place. Most often this is debris, things that cause allergies (allergens), dirt, makeup, eyelashes and sometimes bacteria. Cleansing the eye area thoroughly before bedtime will definitely help you out here.



You have dandruff on your eyelashes. If you can see them with your naked eyeballs, then it's a problem. Meaning, you have a lot of it! Dandruff on the eyelashes is like dandruff on your scalp. It's messy, greasy and causes itching. Tea tree oil is a natural enemy to dandruff and this cleansing oil is formulated with tea tree oil. 



Your eyelids are red. Redness is a sign of inflammation. Your eyelids could be inflamed for many reasons, but I know that inflammation can cause dryness and dryness can cause discomfort. It's a bit of a vicious cycle.  If you wear contact lenses, you probably can only wear them in true comfort between 8-10 hours a day instead of the 16 hours like before. This cleansing oil also contains organic jojoba oil that naturally balances the oils on your skin called sebum. It will moisturize and your eyelids will be less inflamed.



Who wants fine lines under the eyes? Not me, that's for sure. This cleansing oil has the added bonus of grape seed oil that is a natural anti-inflammatory (see #3 above) and is a natural anti-oxidant to fight aging. Grape seed oil is in many Mediterranean diets and is known for it's health benefits and is used in many anti-aging beauty products. This cleansing oil happens to be formulated with the best grapes in the world . . . Italy.   

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Love and Clean Eyes,