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Why sunglasses are the coolest medical device I know.


They block harmful UVA + UVB rays from entering the eyes. This means, blocking the formation or the growth of a cataract.

Sunglasses also block harmful UVA + UVB rays from your eyelids. This means, they are anti-anting devices. Feel your fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes get a little deeper while reading this? You better put on those sunnies! Even on overcast days.

Sunglasses make driving during the day more enjoyable. Ever drive with that blaring sun in your eyes? Let's just say, I avoid drivers who don't wear sunglasses on sunny days. 

Sunglasses with polaroid lenses are the bomb. Greens are more green. Blues are more blue. Colors just look better. Polaroid lenses block glare very much like a set of venetian blinds. They are great around water activities. Show me a bass fisherman, and I'll show you his polaroid sunglasses . . . they can spot fish through the water. 

Have sensitivity to sunlight or the wind? Sunglasses offer exceptional protection because the lens surface area is usually (and should) be larger than your everyday prescription glasses. I have prescribed them for headaches, migraines, watery eyes, itchy eyes and the occasional bad mood. Kidding about that last part.

And the best part . . . DRUMROLL PLEASE . . . Put a prescription lens in them and sunglasses are covered by your vision plan. How's that for medically mandated retail therapy? 

Love and Sunnies,