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My Top 5 reasons why daily contact lenses are . . . just awesome.

You have many choices in contact lenses these days. Have you ever heard of daily contact lenses? Very much like your daily coffee and daily email . . . now there's daily contact lenses. You wear them when you want to and throw them away when you're done. It's that easy. 

Here is my top 5 reasons why you should consider daily contact lenses, aka "dailies."


1) Freedom from cases and contact lens cleaning. You no longer have to worry about germs or risk of infection. And a bigger bonus . . . you don't have to worry about me (or your eye doctor) lecturing you about tap water and contact lenses: IT'S A BIG NO (btw)!

2) You know that feeling when you insert a brand new contact lens in your eyeballs? That "AHHHH!" moment? Well, you get to feel that every time you wear dailies. They feel sooooo good. Since you're using a new lens every time . . . there's no dirt, debris or allergens trapped in it's spongy surface. Say hello to true comfort especially if you have dry eyes or allergies.

3) If you have allergies and wear contacts lenses, you should really consider wearing dailies at least during allergy season. A contact lens just can't get entirely clean after it's first use and slowly gets worse as the days wear on. Dailies will reduce your exposure to allergens and you will be so much more comfy. It would add to your quality of life during allergy season.

4) If you soccer, tennis, work-out, yoga, basketball, golf or travel . . . you will want to do those things in real comfort. Why fuss with contact lens discomfort when you can just enjoy life's adventures instead? It just makes life more enjoyable. Think of it as an upgrade to the lastest smart phone. 

5) This is my favorite. Dailies keep your eyes healthier, whiter and brighter. Who doesn't want that? A healthier contact lens just leaves less inflammation in the eyes. Less inflammation means whiter, brighter eyes.

6) This is a bonus. Concern for the environment and all that ridiculous amounts of packaging? I am too! Just remember that your used dailies can be composted and all of the packaging can by recycled. 

Next time you're in, just ask for "dailies" and I'll be more than happy to skip the tap water lecture:D

Lovin' Dailies,