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5 reasons why non-glare lenses rule the world.

I love non-glare lenses. I always have and I always will. Sure, they need to be cleaned everyday from fingerprints, facial oil and perspiration . . . but here's a list on why non-glare lenses rule the world.


It's a trust thing. If I can't see your eyes through your lenses, I'm gonna have a hard time trusting or believing you. There's just something about eye contact that speaks louder than words. If I can't see your eyes through all that glare, well you're gonna have a hard time getting to know me. See number 2.


It can help you find a spouse. I can almost say that non-glare lenses helped me find my husband. I met my husband on the internet. One thing I learned about internet dating is that it's a sorting problem, not a scarcity problem. I went on a couple of dates with men without non-glare lenses, and I have to say . . . something wasn't right. I was so distracted from the lack of eye contact, I just had to excuse myself to the restroom through the front of the cafe. They got sorted. Which brings me to number 3.


You will look better to the opposite sex in non-glare lenses. Period. Natural eye color is a beautiful thing. When you wear non-glare lenses, the opposite sex can actually see your eyes and imagine what your future children will look like. It's biology. 


Your HD TV will actually be HD. Don't be one of those people that drops a fortune on a HD set only to watch with eyeglass lenses that you have to strain to see out of. This makes no sense to me. HD TV? Get HD quality non-glare lenses.


Clear vision inspires positive thinking. This last point is the reason why I practice optometry. There is nothing better than helping my patients to see the world through a crystal clear window. The side of the grass you are on, it's not just green. It's a million shades of green. I love it.

Thank you for reading. Hope you had as much fun reading as I did writing it.

Love and clean lenses,