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#Resolution. Never sleep in your eye makeup again.

Hello 2016, welcome!

As an eye doctor, my emphasis for 2016 will be doing whatever it takes to reduce sources of inflammation on eyeball and eyelids. Unless you're a fan of red looking eyes, tackling inflammation is what will keep your eyes white, bright and maintain it's youth. It's surprising to realize that most often, inflammation comes from your eyelids. Yep. Those eyelids.

Not removing eye makeup is the most common source of eyelid inflammation at my practice. Meaning, that's why your eyes are constantly red! Sleeping in makeup (that is often laced with toxic ingredients) only contributes to the irritation. And I've seen this time and time again. Sleeping in your eye makeup will lead to 2 likely things over time: a stye (read, bacteria) or demodex mites. Someone scream in horror now.

So if you get super lazy and decide to remove your eye makeup in the morning (8 hours later). Hear my voice: DON'T DO IT. Get out of bed and remove that eyeliner, mascara and false lashes if you wear them. Make sure the eyelash follicles are free from bacteria, dirt, debris and toxins. Cause for 2016, inflammation is out and healthy relationships are in.