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Don’t Let Anyone With Bad Eyebrows Or Dirty Eyes Tell You Anything About Life, xo

Just feeling too lazy to remove your eye makeup before bed time? Dirty eyes are a definite no-no. Here's why:

1. Sleeping with your eye makeup is a dirty habit. After just 1 night, your eyes will feel dry and irritated because they are dealing with all the left over allergens and toxins on your eyelids. Read: eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. After a few weeks of bad hygiene, bacteria and demodex mites start to take over. Common symptoms are itchy eyelids, puffy eyelid margins, red eyes, tired eyes and watery eyes. Call Ghostbusters.

2. You are preventing your eyelashes from growing to their full potential. Only a healthy eyelash follicle that is free of inflammation can grow for the full growth cycle (about 45 days). Have an unhealthy eyelash follicle? Perhaps your eyelash will grow, but only for 30 days and perhaps even fall out prematurely. Hence, the hairless cat look. Hot.

3. Dirty eyes look . . . dirty. I can tell a dirty eye immediately just by looking at someone. Under the microscope, it's a whole other story. Dirty eyes have these clinical signs: dandruff (white stuff) hanging out at the eyelid margin, "crusties" in the corners of the eyes in the morning, eyelids that get stuck together for no apparent reason, constantly red eyes and teary eyes (your eyes are trying to flush out the debris by tearing). You're on the brink of an amazing eye infection.

My recommendation is to clean those gorgeous, precious eyelid and eyelashes of yours. Every night. Your eyes will thank you in the morning.

Love and beauty rest,