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Are your contact lenses happy?


How would you describe the relationship between your eyes and contact lenses? Is it easy or is it a struggle? Surprisingly, 50% of contact lens wearers experience some level of discomfort with their eyes. Yes, 50% - so don't be in denial. If you are that 50%, I’m here to help. First, here’s a short list to answer:

  • The 8 hour test. Can you can wear your contacts comfortably for a least 8 hours a day? 
  • The redness test. Do your eyes get more red the more your wear your contact lenses?
  • The dryness test. Do your eyes feel more dry with time or use? The only exception is if you're in Las Vegas or on an airplane.
  • The itch assessment. Do your eyes feel itchy in your contacts especially during allergy season?
  • The naked test. Do your eyes feel more dry when you wear your contact lenses versus your naked eyes?

If you answered yes to any of these questions in varying degrees of mild to severe, we need to talk. Don't worry - you don't need to ditch the contact lenses. Just keep reading. Help is on the way.

Love + Healthy Eyes,
Dr Tanya Gill, Optometrist, Founder & CEO



Stop cleaning. Start wearing dailies.

Contact lens solutions are actually a soap. Putting soap in your eyes (although mild) can disrupt the tear film and cause inflammation. In a recent study, scientists found 15x more inflammatory cells on day 2 alone. Reduce exposure to inflammation by asking your optometrist to switch you to daily disposables. 


Your eyes need some R&R.

We all need time to recharge our battery Your eyes are no exception. Give your eyes several hours every day to breathe and be contact lens free. Sleeping does not count for any of these hours - nice try. So yes, update your glasses prescription and put them into eyeglass frames that you would actually feel good about wearing in public. 


Reduce inflammation. 

We Love Eyes - Eyelid Scrub Kit

Most contact lens discomfort is directly linked to your eyelids. Are they clean or dirty? I always tell my patients that it's inflammation that they are struggling with, not necessarily their contacts. Inflammation usually comes from 2 places: the tears & the eyelids. I have them address the eyelid component with my Eyelid Scrub Kit . Use nightly. Because, doctor's orders.