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Do False Eyelashes Need Cleaning? Here's your dirty answer.

For all of you fabulous ladies out there that wear false lashes, here's what you need to do to keep your eyes safe and healthy from infection. And best of all, you heard it straight from an optometrist. Because, we know things.

Styes. Pink Eye. Conjunctivitis. Red Eye. They all have 1 thing in common. Totally gross, disgusting bacteria of the bad kind. If you do NOT clean your false lashes, you're asking for problems. Instead of entering a 12-step program for Dirty Eyelash Addiction, just follow these 4 steps instead:


Step 1: Remove your falsies & eye makeup with the help of our eye makeup remover oil. 

Our tea tree eye makeup remover oil will loosen the bond between your eyelid skin and the eyelash glue.

Rub in a few drops with clean fingertips until you feel the falsie loosen. Wipe away excess makeup and glue with a cotton pad. 

Remove the falsie gently. No more ripping off eyelid skin during this process!

Step 2: Pinch off all excess dried glue and place the falsie on the palm of your hand.

I use a pair of tweezers to pinch off excess glue from the falsie.

Our tea tree eyelid and eyelash foaming cleanser will cleanse your falsie from bacteria, dirt, allergens and other debris without harming the falsie. 

Your falsie will be clean, safe to apply again and have it's life potentially extended.

Step 3: Dispense 1-2 pumps of our eyelid foaming cleanser over the falsie.

Rub the falsie gently 5 times back & forth in our eyelid and eyelash foaming cleanser with clean fingertips.

Don't worry if the foam changes color as you may also be removing left over eye makeup. And that's a good thing!


Step 4: Rinse the falsie under lukewarm tap water and lay on a clean towel to dry overnight. 

Tomorrow morning, you'll be ready to rock those false lashes again!

Clean. Refreshed. Safe. Beautiful.




Love + healthy eyelids,