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3 Tips to Protect Eyelid Skin Barrier from False Eyelashes

When you remove a false lash, there is definitely a tearing action that damages the eyelid skin barrier. Here's 3 tips on how to protect your eyelid skin barrier when you're wearing false lashes.


First, you want to use a cleansing oil. When you are removing your false lashes, put one drop of the cleansing oil onto the end of a Q tip. You want to saturate this Q tip. With one hand as you pull the false lashes, put the Q tip right on that edge and you want to massage while pulling to reduce the tearing effect. You want to use something like this Tea Tree Eyelid & Eyelash Makeup Remover Oil. It's a blended cleansing oil. And that's because a blended cleansing oil – think of it as a liquid ester. When it comes into contact with that acrylate, which is that lash glue, it will break the molecular bonds of that acrylate so that there will be less tearing effect at the level of the eyelid skin.


Number two. After you remove that false lash, you wanna help that eyelid skin barrier repair as much as possible before the next false lash application. You want to use straight up emollient. This is PM Eyelid Butter.

It's a limited ingredient formula of JUST fatty acids, triglyceride, and cholesterol (and in a very specific ratio). You want to apply it directly on that lash line where the lash glue and false lash was attached, and allow that eyelid skin barrier to repair.


Number three, here's where I start to sound like a mom and not necessarily an optometrist, lol. But if you tore off your false lash and you have damaged eyelid skin barrier, should you wear false lashes right away again?? Or should you give your eyes a break and let that eyelid skin barrier repair?? *wink wink*

Love + Healthy Eyes,
Dr. Tanya Gill, OD