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Don't Wash Off Lash Night's Eye Care Routine

Changing this one little habit will drastically improve the results of your eye care routine. I'd say a 100% of my patients actually do this instinctively. I understand whyyyyyyy . . . . but stop washing off last night's eye care routine. Just stop it. Just sayin.
In the morning, all you need to do is run a washcloth under some warm water to wipe away any eye crusties. That's all you need to do.
But why?
It's back to the eyelid skin barrier. A healthy eyelid skin barrier works to keep the good stuff from leaving, like oils and water. And it works to keep the bad stuff out like bacteria, allergens, microbes, etc.
In my opinion, too much surfactant over time is just going to break down that eyelid skin barrier which will affect it's function and hence more flare ups. So in the morning, after a night of the eyelid skin barrier resting and repairing - avoid the surfactants.
Just wipe with warm water instead, xo.