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3 Uses for In Between Eyelash Cleansing Brush

Do you use In Between Eyelash Cleansing Brush? It's a brush I designed function similar to a fork. To grab eyelid debris. It also is designed with an angled head to allow for better precision and control when you're doing the detailed work.


Grab your brush, a 10X lighter magnifying mirror, and one of the cleansing sprays.


Select Calm Cleansing Spray for blepharitis and allergies. In the case of itching, Calm would be my choice. This is hypochlorous meets chamomile water for a calming effect.

Select Tea Tree Water if you are cleaning lash extensions. This one is hypochlorous meets tea tree water for more of a cleansing effect.

Both of these sprays do not have any oil. They're also tear free, sting free. When using In Between Eyelash Cleansing Brush, you are working so close to the lash line. Expect solution to enter the eye. Here you definitely do not want to use foaming cleansers. These cleansing sprays are most ideal for this type of work.

These are the three things that this brush is really good at doing.

No. 1: Removing dirty and very trapped eyelid debris located right at the base of that eyelash. You're going to be using this "fork" to stoke and kind of wiggle it through the base of the lash to pull out the debris. The action is very much like removing a tight bracelet from one's writs. Make sure you stoke at the base of the eyelash to clean and pull out the debris that looks like this:


No. 2: You wear eyelash extensions, and of course, you're concerned about eyelash debris at that base of the eyelash. But you also want a way to clean your natural eyelash. When I say clean your natural eyelash, you want to clean it from the root to where your natural lash is attached with glue to the extension. And then you're also cleaning the extension from where it's attached to your natural lash to the very tip of the extension. Spray Tea Tree Water on your brush, gently insert at the base and brush from the root to the tip - cleaning your natural lash and the extension in one swoop. Beautiful.


No. 3: Not so obvious. If you happen to own this brush for cleaning in between your eyelashes and you apply mascara, this also can double up as an eyelash separator after you've put on mascara. All you do is insert where you see lashes stuck together and pull through to separate eyelashes.


Love + Healthy Eyes,
Dr. Tanya Gill, OD