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How Do You Clean Lashfull Thinking Cleansing Brush?

watch our tutorial above

Always wash Lashfull Thinking Cleansing Brush after each use. 

Start with warm water. Warm water works better than color water. You can use any liquid soap - better yet, any of our foaming cleansers.
If you wear a lot of mascara or waterproof mascara, you may have to use warmer water and repeat a few times until clean. 
Add the foaming cleanser to the top of the brush and use your hand to agitate the bristles. Repeat as many times as necessary. You will see the water turn grayish, meaning the eye makeup is releasing from the brush.

As a double check, I like to squeeze the bristles and observe the color of the water that comes out. If it's still grayish - keep cleaning with warm water and foaming cleanser. Once I squeeze the top of the brush and the water is clear, I know the brush is clean.

Towel dry the bristles really well. You want to make sure the bristles are as dry as possible so the brush will be totally dried the next time you use it. Set it on a clean towel and let air dry. That's it!