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How to Grow and Strengthen your Eyelashes and Eyebrows the We Love Eyes Way : Which Lash Serum is Best When You Have Dry Eyes MGD

If you have dry eyes, blepharitis, or other eye problems such as lash loss and brittle lashes but have failed lash serums like Latisse & Lash Boost due to it's side effects . . . this is for you.
We Love Eyes Best Lash Serum for Dry Eyes MGD 1.

Eyelashes are always a hot topic and concern from my patients. Whether it's lash extensions, false eyelashes, lash loss, brittle lashes or lash serums for longer lashes – the majority of my patients want longer lashes especially for special events such wedding and vacations where photos will be taken. Here we will discuss how to grow and stregthen your eyelashes (and brows!) the We Love Eyes way.

Because many of my patients suffer from Dry Eye Syndrome and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, I'm a fan of staying away from lash serums like Latisse. Prostaglandin analogs such as bimatoprost which is the active ingredient in Latisse is known to be incredibly harsh on the ocular surface. This information is readily available on the product information insert. I also know this because almost 100% of my patients who use Lumigan (active ingredient is also bimatroprost) for glaucoma also get severe dry eyes over time (in addition to longer eyelashes!). There are many other potential side effects such as severe red eyes, iris color darkening, and hallowing of the orbital socket. If you love your Latisse – just make sure you're aware and EXTREMELY careful not to get ANY Latisse into your eyes. Back to eyelashes . . . 

I'm a firm believer that healthy follicles create beautiful results. Let's start here - the follicle bulb. Here you can see the intricate anatomy of the eyelash. The We Love Eyes way concentrates at the bulb and it's layers: papilla, matrix, and outer & inner root sheath.

The anatomy of the eyelash follicle

My concept is simple. The healthier the follicle bulb, the more likely that follicle bulb can create a healthy result – a longer, fuller lash (and brow). Sure, I can't change your DNA, but I can sure try to help that follicle live it's best life through it's journey of growth, transition, and rest.

In my search for the healthiest ingredients to address lash loss and growth for my patients – I made this duo.

Meet Lashfull Thinking Lash + Brow Follicle Oil & Dab n Spoolie Brush. Harness the power of my proprietary ophthalmic grade castor oil that feeds the shaft with the goal of nourishing the follicle for lashes and brows that appear longer, healthier, & stronger; AND the applicator to make it all happen without the drips. 


While formulating We Love Eyes Follicle Oil, instead of dilution with a carrier oil such as jojoba, I decided to offer the highest purity and concentration of ricinoleic acid instead. P.S. – no skimping!
Lash Serum for Dry Eyes MGD Ophthalmic Grade Purity Castor Oil 1
Ricinoleic acid is a fatty acid that is thought to raise PGE2 levels and potentially benefit hair follicle growth. If you search for castor oil, you'll find hundreds of lash grow products, but We Love Eyes is different. You are truly getting an ophthalmic and pharmaceutical grade castor oil.

Fatty Acid Distribution of We Love Eyes Follicle Oil
88% ricinoleic acid - an unsaturated omega-9 fatty acid
4.5% linoleic acid - a polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acid
4.5% oleic acid - a monounsaturated omega-9 fatty acid
Unlike unrefined, cold pressed castor oil, ophthalmic grade is clear of impurities such as ricin which is toxic to the eyes. You'll see that We Love Eyes Follicle Oil is a very light yellow color. Here our proprietary process removes impurities while retaining the highest degree of botanical benefits to the lash & brow follicle.
Lash Serum for Dry Eyes MGD Ophthalmic Grade Purity Castor Oil 1
Although I want you to keep We Love Eyes Follicle Oil on your lash and brows, if you happen to get it inside the eyes, don't worry! We Love Eyes Follicle Oil has a proven, long term safety profile as it's been used as an inactive ingredient in ophthalmic emulsion eye drops (i.e. Restates) and OTC artificial tears i.e.Endura) for dry eyes. This is a win-win.

We Love Eyes Lashfull Thinking Lash + Brow Follicle Oil 

  • Highest purity of ricinoleic acid you will find on the market
  • Highly beneficial to eyelash & eyebrow follicle health
  • 100% preservative free
  • Naturally anti-bacterial



Best Lash Serum Brush

I made Lashfull Thinking Dab n Spoolie for anyone that uses lash serum to help avoid the wasteful and potentially harmful drips into the tear film.  You can certainly use your favorite lash serum or We Love Eyes Follicle Oil with Dab n Spoolie. I'm a HUGE fan of less is more. Using more serum will not speed up growth, it just speeds up potential side effects. 


Use the DAB end to apply precisely to lash follicles. See how the tip precisely contours the curvature of the eyelid. This will help us apply directly to the base of the lash to target the follicles. You can also use DAB to swipe through the eyebrows. I find this is an excellent way to ensure no serum gets wasted. Any excess on the DAB end can be swiped onto the brows. 

Next use 1 drop on the SPOOLIE end to brush out the lash + brow hair shaft. This spoolie is firm and petite to minimize waste but also to ensure each shaft gets a super fine coat. A nice tip is to brush the base of the eyelash to give a little exfoliation action to encourage cell turnover at the brows. 

Lash Serum use for 45+ consecutive nights for initial results

You should be left with a dry but moist lashes and brows. Apply before bedtime and wash your eyes with warm water and gentle cleanser as you would normally in the morning. Make sure to use for at least 45+ consecutive days for initial results and continue for sustained results. Always err on the side of less. Most of my patients just go overboard and wake up with dried Follicle Oil on their lashes. But not you!


Before I sign off, just remember that I can't change your DNA, but I can help your eyelash + eyebrows live happier lives. I believe in healing the hair follicle from the core and doing it the right way. Whether you have brittle lashes, lash or brow loss, sparse lashes or brows, I believe that healthy follicles is the key. If you happen to have dry eyes and want happier lash & brows – this product was made for you. 

Love + Healthy Eyes,