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How to Use Focused Eye Roll at Home

Here are the many ways you can use Focused Eye Roll. I'm a UC Berkeley trained optometrist, also owner, founder and creator of the Focused Eye Roll.

FIRST heat the stainless steel roller under running hot water. You can use this to actually help soften and hopefully release stye or chalazion debris.  Remember, you always want to allow any debris to ooze slowly through the exit site which is the eyelid margin - never pop it through the eyelid skin. You do not want a wicked scar!

SECOND, ideal for MGD (meibomian gland dysfunction) – you're going to heat this under running hot water and just scroll from eye corner to eye corner. Do both eyes. And do this daily to keep your meibomian oil glands that tend to get clogged, from getting or staying clogged.

THIRD, if you wake up with puffy eyes, especially during allergy season, dunk this in a cup of ice water and then use that rolling ice compression to help those puffy eyes.

FOURTH, if you work behind a computer and prone to digital eye strain and/or tired eyes . . .  go ahead and use Focused Eye Roll at room temp. Just keep this by your keyboard and just roll the figure eights to help some of those tired eye muscles. Oh, that feels so good.
Want to see it in action? Watch our full tutorial here.

Love + Healthy Eyes,
Dr. Tanya Gill, xo