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Learn EYELASH ANATOMY 101 on National Lash Day


We know you love your eyelashes. We know you love to keep them clean. Today, we are going to go back to optometry school to learn about the anatomy of your eyelashes. So the next time you apply that eyeliner or mascara, know that you are applying makeup to one of the most intricate parts of the body.


The eyelids are special for many reasons. Sure, they are a sign of beauty – but they are actually the first line of defense from foreign objects ranging from pollen to a flying insect. The modified hairs of the eyelid (eyelashes, aka cilia) also serve to protect the eyes against the elements: wind, rain, and sunlight. 


The upper eyelid houses 90-150 upward-curving, longer eyelashes while the lower eyelid houses about 70-80 down-ward, shorter eyelashes. The root of each eyelash is anchored to the root hair plexus which tells the brain to blink instantly – the protective response. 

Eyelashes are also connected to a network of capillaries and glands to aid in lubrication, nutrition and microbe defense. The Glands of Moll are small, modified sweat glands that open near the base of the eyelash. The Glands of Zies are small, modified oil glands that secrete from the eyelid margin directly into the tears. Both glands work together to keep eyelashes supple and oily to attract debris and to keep themselves coated with a layer of protection. 


So when keep your eyelids and eyelashes clean, you are also taking care of those tiny, tiny Moll & Zeiss glands. Because, eye protection.


Love + Healthy Eyes,