In Just 40 seconds, Glamoptometrist Shows Us How to Remove & Clean False Lashes

As an eye doctor, false lashes are not by BFF.  Let me explain.

Once a woman puts on false lashes, all rules about removing eye makeup, sleeping in eye makeup and cleaning those falsies seems to fall out of a 10 story window. To die. My patients come in with the grossest looking eyelids. Think: bacteria.

Ladies, let's talk truth here. False lashes are a pain to remove and clean, but say no more! Glamoptometrist to the rescue. Check out her 40 second video on how to do this right. After all, a doctor knows best.


Step 1: Play amazing music.

Step 2: Loosen the false lash glue from your eyelid. 

Place 5 drops of We Love Eyes Eye Makeup Remover Oil or Cleansing Oil (Glamoptometrist prefers the Cleansing Oil) on a cotton ball or pad. Place it right above the false lash. The whole purpose of this is to soften up the glue so when you remove the false lash, it doesn't rip out your eyelid skin. Ouch!

Step 3: Don't forget to wash the false lash. Because, bacteria.

With the We Love Eyes Eyelid Foaming Cleanser, thoroughly cover the false lash and rub with a cotton ball or tissue until clean. Rinse with tap water if necessary. And remember that We Love Eyes is formulated with tea tree oil to get rid of that bacteria the natural way. 

And you're done! Wasn't that easy?