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Organic Bunny Box Collab for June 2016. Because, bunnies.

We are so excited to be invited by the fabulous, ultra-glamourous Organic Bunny to participate in her monthly natural & organic subscription box. Who is Organic Bunny? Well, she's the leading green beauty blogger and authority on what's healthy and glamorous in the world. In the June box, we join the likes of Acure, Dr. Brite, Kiss Me, Kvoss and Zuii. It's an honor to be included into such an awesome group of green products! Thank you Organic Bunny!


Here's what Organic Bunny has to say about We Love Eyes Eyelid Foaming Cleanser:

If you’ve been following me from the start, you will remember that this We Love Eyes Tea Tree Eyelid Foaming Cleanser has been one of my all-time favorite ways to remove makeup since Day 1! Formulated by the green beauty loving Optometrist Dr. Tanya Gill, the We Love Eyes line was created to offer her clients a safer way to cleanse the sensitive eye areas. Because she was tired of seeing red and dry eyes at her clinic, Dr. Gill decided to put her UC Berkely Organic Chemistry courses to good use and developed the first Non-Toxic, Optometrist formulated cleansing system for the eyes. In this month’s box, you will find the We Love Eyes foaming cleanser which is great for those in need of a deep but gentle eye cleanser. Not only will this foaming wash remove the day’s dirt, it also will remove every last spec of water based makeup you may have on without drying the eye area out. This cleanser is even safe for lash extensions which can be tricky to find.

To Use: Shake before using. Wash hands. Remove any contact lenses. Dispense 2 pumps onto clean fingertips and with eyes closed, gently rub onto eyelids and lashes. After massaging this in for about 30 seconds or so, you will then rinse with water and towel dry!

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