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Learn about Blepharitis


Blepharitis is a term used for build-up on the eyelid margins that causes inflammation. This gunky build-up can cause pestering symptoms such as redness, irritation, dryness and light sensitivity. If not addressed, it can lead to worse symptoms such as styes, scarring and deeper infections. Read: perceptual cellulitis (which is dangerous). 

Blepharitis can be broken down into two main types:

  1. Anterior blepharitis – crusting seen at the base of the eyelashes due to excess bacteria or demodex mites Yes, I said mites.

  2. Posterior blepharitis – inflammation of the inside of the eyelids due to clogged oil glands. Oil glands can clog from bacteria or demodex. Again, mites.

So how did this happen to my eyelids? Great question. Bacteria, oil and demodex do naturally exist on the eyelids and usually in perfect harmony. But when over-population of bacteria or demodex happens – symptoms happen. And when symptoms happen, its definitely time to control the source of the problem. Because more bacteria, more problems. 

So, how do you maintain or control blepharitis? The first and most important form of eye care is consistent eyelid hygiene (aka daily cleaning) of your eyelids. Initially your eyelid cleaning regimen may need to be fairly rigorous with one to two cleanings per day. However, don’t take the cleanings to an obsessive level – too vigorous of a cleaning can backfire and cause more irritation and dryness of the eyelids. Once you start feeling those eyelids clear up, you can scale back to eyelid scrubs daily or every other day. The key is finding the right balance so that bacteria, oil, demodex and your eyelids can live in harmony.

I developed our Tea Tree Eyelid Scrubbing Kit to keep those lids healthy and clean. Use our two step system for daily eyelid scrubs and you'll start seeing and feeling results.  


Love + Healthy Eyes,