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We Love Eyes (unsponsored) review by blogger Bake and Destroy

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Last year I posted about my battle with hormonal acne (spoiler alert: switching to natural skincare and beauty products helped – a lot.) Since then, I’ve found a few new favorite products that really work well for me and my sensitive skin, so I figured I’d share them!
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I’m borderline Amy Winehouse with my black eyeliner, so I go through eye make up remover like it’s nothing. I also was blessed with my mother’s oily eyelids, which means I have blocked eyelash follicles and inflamed eyelids all the time (sorry boys, I’m taken!) I tried We Love Eyes’ Tea Tree Make Up Remover* and saw the light – literally.

Why is this eye make up remover worth $18? Well, it’s made with just three ingredients – jojoba oil grape seed oil and tea tree oil, so it’s super gentle and natural. Could you mix those up yourself at home? Um, maybe, but I’m pretty anti-DIY when it comes to my eyeballs, and this stuff was formulated by an optometrist, so I trust her. It removes every trace of my gothy eye makeup, plus, I’ve noticed that my eyelids are less puffy, and I’ve had fewer blocked follicles since I’ve started using it.

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