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We Think That Clean Eyes are Worth Catching - Is Eyelid Scrub Mitt What You've Been Looking For to Add to Your Eyelid Hygiene Routine?


Eyelid hygiene with lid scrubs is very important when it comes to the prevention of styes, chalazia, hordeola, and other eyelid infections. When performed on a regular bases, eyelid hygiene with lid scrubs helps to maintain a healthy eyelid margin by washing away sources of inflammation such as dirt, debris, allergens, eye makeup, bacteria, and demodex mites, etc. Improved tear flow and function for dry eyes is the goal here too.

Eyelid scrubs are best performed with a product formulated for specifically for eye care and a physical vehicle to help the product's effectiveness. At We Love Eyes, we have several styles of eye care cleansers to choose from: foams, sprays, and oils. We also have several styles of tools and brushes that target specific eyelid debris and eye problems such as lash loss and styes.  Here is a visual of our most popular tools and brushes:


If you've been told by your optometrist that you need to perform eyelid hygiene with lid scrubs daily, these tools and brushes are something you should read about more. In addition to these 5 tools, we've added EYELID SCRUB MITT to our lineup. 

I was inspired to create EYELID SCRUB MITT to offer an eyelid hygiene solution for kids and people with dexterity challenges such as arthritis since holding skinny brush handles don't work. Here you can insert your fingertips into pockets which offers a wide range of control while significantly reducing the worry of "poking my eye."


EYELID SCRUB MITT is made of 100% BPA free silicone that is easy to wash and keep clean between uses. I took a traditional facial cleansing brush and had it engineered for eye care - so longer, softer, and a higher density of bristles to do the dirty work, xo. Ok, so I got OCD and counted. Over 1000+ silicone bristles work together to gently scrub and exfoliate. More about exfoliation below.


Below you can see how EYELID SCRUB MITT grabs my eye makeup when used with Tea Tree Eyelid & Eyelash Foaming Cleanser only. If you already have a favorite eye cleanser or eye makeup remover, no problem! EYELID SCRUB MITT is compatible with hypocholorous sprays, foaming cleansers, micellar water, and straight up oil cleansing. Just make sure they are formulated for eye care . . . so no baby shampoo!! The photo above shows what I do - I use both foam AND oil at the same time to create a lush emulsion for eyelid hygiene. This is particularly useful if you have dry eyes and/or blepharitis . . . or perhaps using one of my foam/oil kits but can now combine the double cleanse into one step. Winning.


In addition to the gentle scrub effect, EYELID SCRUB MITT also offers gentle exfoliation of the eye area. This is a key feature because the physical exfoliation action will promote healthy cell turnover and the healthy removal of the topmost dead skin cell layer. This in turn can help those that are prone to milia and also an added benefit of addressing fine lines and wrinkles. Enjoy!


Love + Healthy Eyes, 

Dr Tanya Gill, xo