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Why You Should Not Use Eye Makeup Wipes

If you still use makeup wipes for your eyes, this is for you. In general, makeup wipes tend to strip the the thin eyelid skin of it's natural oils, and can cause dryness and dehydration. Interestingly, when I get asked questions about eye care and cosmetics - dry under eyes is always, always the #1 concern.

Replace your makeup wipes for this mascara brush and the double cleanse method. Here, use any of our cleansing oils to really loosen the molecular bonds of any stubborn mascara. Add the cleansing oil to the top of the brush and let the brush do the dirty work.

Also as a final wash off, any mascara residue is washed away by our probiotic foaming cleanser. This foaming cleanser will also add healthy bacteria to keep that eyelid microbiome in balance too.

The best part -  this mascara brush has 140,000 bristles. The high density bristles increases the surface area. Imagine 140,000 little arms reaching out and grabbing that waterproof mascara and breaking it down. This really limits the amount of tugging and pulling which limits premature eyelash loss. This brush and the power of oil cleansing which does not strip the eyelid skin, since oil cleansing does not change the pH of the eyelid skin - is a supportive duo.


If you need to add moisture back into the eyelid skin, use PM Eyelid Butter. If you want to hydrate the eyelid skin, use AM Eyelid Gel. You can also blend both eye creams together to address both dryness and dehydration at the same time.
Not using makeup wipes will also reduce all the waste of all the wipes you're throwing away, and you'll have healthier eyes.


Love + Healthy Eyes, 


Dr. Tanya Gill, OD